Change Log

Change log for SMOS Linux system part. All updates are OTA (Over-The-Air), and for any core changes, we are releasing a new image.

    SMOS Linux v135 12/4/2021
  • BIOS Flash tweaking for Polaris cards
  • Saving SMOS Log after reboot
  • Added timestamp on SMOS Log header

    BETA 6800/6900 Support 17/3/2021
  • Recommended to use Team Red Miner for 6800/6800 XT / 6900 XT
  • PhoenixMiner 5.4 - older versions are also recommended
  • PhoenixMiner 5.5c isn't stable with 20.40 AMD Drivers
  • We are recommending MIN FAN 60-70% with Target Temperature 40-50c
  • Keep watching Fans and Temps during the tweaking cards - BETA Fan Controler
  • 5700/5700 XT cards providing 0.5-1% more Hashrate

    SMOS Linux v131 2/3/2021
  • Default profile for new Rigs
  • Memory name available for most of GPUs (Improvement)
  • Download/Save BIOS, Auto Reload on BIOS page (10sec)
  • Dashboard Improvements, Tweaks etc.
  • IPv6 Added

    SMOS Linux v128 23/2/2021
  • New future Snapshot added - With this future, you will save your current linked Profiles and OC Preset and restore(rollback) anytime you want. Just save and restore at any time. Keep in mind that all Profiles and OC Presets must exist.
  • Nvidia RPM status disabled - causing a glitch in the Charts
  • Cookie policy added on all pages
  • Added limit of the minimal length of ssh password (seven characters)
  • Tweaked raw logs output to monitor

    SMOS Linux v125 8/2/2021
  • Added referral program 20% credits commission every time your friends make a deposit on SMOS.
  • Added Upgrade System from SMOS Dashboard
  • Fixed update rig names on system and passwords
  • Mobile optimization of tabs
  • User friendly screen on monitor about execution commands from SMOS CC Dashboard

    SMOS Linux v124 2/2/2021
  • Added Discord Support Channel
  • Added WiFi support
  • NVIDIA 460.39 Driver

    SMOS Linux v120 Released 31/12/2020
  • New system release with drivers 20.30 AMD for newest cards
  • Tweaks on monitor logs
  • Added force to BIOS Flash
  • Miners updated

    SMOS Linux v119 Released 16/12/2020
  • New system release with drivers 20.10 AMD and 455.23.04 nVidia for newest cards

    SMOS Linux v118 Released 15/12/2020
  • Added auto-assign profile and GPU preset after refreshing the SMOS Linux system image.

    SMOS Image v117 Released 28/11/2020
  • SMOS Linux updated to latest version

    SMOS CC v222 Released 26/11/2020
  • 2FA Pin replaced with 2FA OTP
  • Added accordion dropdown for Issues and Errors on Dashboard for better preview
  • Added Network Traffic

    SMOS Linux v115 Released 19/11/2020
  • Issue detection - monitoring and suggest of detected issues (low Hashrate, low Fan or broken Fan, high Temp on CPU/GPU, High Load, Network Unstable etc.).
  • Mobile optimization
  • Redesigned Preview Page - better preview and tweaked up interface
  • Custom Miner - add direct URL of your miner (zip only). In same cases you will not be able to see the dashboard, but you will see the output in Miner Log
  • Network Stability - There are 5 points of stability 1 to 5. If you have 5 points that means your network is stable to Pool or DNS. If you have less than 5 that means you maybe loss some shares during mining.
  • Extended logs for Miner and System to 50 lines.
  • Tweaking Dashboard speed.
  • Tweaking clocking and profile saving performances
  • Added timeout limit if API is unavailable
  • Added multiple commands from SMOS CC
  • Added Miner restart after renaming Rig name (to reflect changes on Pool)
  • Added lolminer 1.15
  • Added PhoenixMiner 5.2d
  • Added NBMiner 33.4

    SMOS Linux v112,113,114 Released 05/11/2020
  • Added T-Rex 0.18.5
  • Added GMiner 2.29
  • Added WildRig Multi 0.28.1 beta
  • Added XMRig 6.5.0
  • Added XMRig AMD 2.14.6
  • Added lolMiner 1.12
  • Tweaking reboot clocking

    SMOS Linux v107,8,9,10,11 Released 01/11/2020
  • Coldreboot added to miners
  • Added transfer credits to others SMOS miners
  • Redesigned Activity Log to Activity Log dropdown
  • Rig Action assignment: Each time you act on Rig, it will show up in green box +1. When Rig assigns change from SMOS CC the number will decrease. If there isn't any action, the green box will show zero - 0. Also, you can clean your activity log at any time.
  • Added mV for each GPU (VDDGFX)

    SMOS Linux v106 Released 29/10/2020
  • To avoid misunderstandings, we delete the account wallet and left just the Mining wallet. All credits are automatically assigning to the Mining wallet after payment.
  • Redesign of dropdown menus
  • Tweaked fan control for AMD and NVIDIA
  • Added SRBMiner-Multi 0.5.4
  • New names detection for AMD
  • Added Auto Rig Detection - to avoid renaming config file with your email, just put Rig in the same local area network with your device, which is logged to SMOS CC. That's the one condition, and the second is to enable in User Settings - Rig Auto-Detection. After that, rigs will automatically show up in your dashboard. In the case of the remote location, there is a field to put Remote Location IP. In that case, Remote Location IP will be a priority.